‘Environment’ is defined as the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal or plant lives and operates and which is affected by human activity.  At Greencare Environmental Solutions, we are committed to safe and sustainable measures to maintain and improve the environment.  

We have a defined aim to provide sustainable treatments to industry recognising the instinctive connection between the environment and nature and health and wellbeing, always seeking incremental improvements and solutions that give infinite benefits.

Hazardous Chemical Waste management


Providing innovative solutions to your chemical waste disposal needs. We specialize in difficult to handle waste streams, identify recycling opportunities, innovative treatment options and can assist with EPA issues.

Secure product descruction


Protect your brand - Guaranteed secure destruction.  Greencare Environmental Solutions safely and securely manage the  destruction of a broad range of retail goods and materials.

Contextualised and unique consultation


Greencare Environmental Solutions work closely with a large number of businesses, across a broad range of industries, to assist with the specialised and unique management of byproducts.