Green Care Environmental Solutions

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September 22, 2019
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Do you have a carbon strategy
for the “New Carbon Economy” ?

Green Care Environmental Solutions Environmental Pty Ltd delivers innovative environmental solutions.
We understand the “New carbon economy” and specialise in the areas of chemical and prescribed waste, land remediation, carbon and water reduction.

Our philosophy is to provide environmental solutions based on sustainability and the reduction
of carbon pollution.

We extensive experience in industrial environments and can provide real hands on solutions to
a wide range of environmental problems.

Sustainable environmental solutions lead to many business advantages including cost savings, reduced resource use, improved productivity and satisfies regulatory compliance.

Massive business opportunities exist over the next 50 years as we move towards cleaner energy sources and technologies.

Our team members will provide a basic resource audit and assessment of your business. Based on this information we will provide solutions leading to cost and/or resource savings. We can also implement business appropriate regulatory updates and introduce efficient resource reporting data.

We provide real businesses innovative solutions and cost savings. Reduced waste stream volumes, new materials recycling, unique waste and remediation treatments. We will provide real waste savings as we have no vested interest in specific unsustainable waste technology process or treatments.